Losing a Loved One

This a short booklet that contains many of the above topics on grief. Designed for the grieving, this booklet will help them navigate this difficult time in their life and mourn the loss of their [...]

Health and Nutrition

Provided in this pamphlet is helpful information regarding exercise and nutrition.  Though the grieving may find it difficult to maintain a healthy balance of eating and exercise, the pamphlet [...]

The Grieving Process

The grieving will often feel lost in emotion and pain after the loss of a loved one.  This pamphlet will help the grieving to understand and anticipate some of the things they may experience in [...]

Working With Your Grief

The grieving person’s life has changed forever after the death of a loved one.  This pamphlet provides some helpful exercises to work through some of the grief they are experiencing.

How will I know I am Feeling Better?

This pamphlet will discuss one question that all grieving persons will ask.  It gives helpful information about what the grieving will experience as they begin to feel better and what they can [...]

The Physical Symptoms of Grieving

This pamphlet outlines many of the physical symptoms that the grieving may experience after they have lost a loved one.  It also outlines methods of self-calming and ways of helping the bereaved [...]

You and Your Emotions

Feelings are not good or bad; they just are.  This pamphlet will discuss many emotions that the grieving may experience and give suggestions on how to cope with the changing emotions.

Returning to “Normal”

In grief there is often a sense or feeling of waiting for things to return to “normal.”  This pamphlet helps normalize some thoughts, emotions, and triggers that a grieving individual may [...]