Ten Habits of Highly Effective People

Ten Habits of Highly Productive People Introduction: 30 minute presentation that merges hundreds of productivity techniques into ten all-encompassing habits used by highly productive people to [...]

Dealing with Adversity

Dealing with Adversity presents eight planning steps and seven guidelines to help a person deal more effectively with adversity. 38 minutes.

The Power of Positive

28 minute video that presents the benefits of being positive, characteristics of positive people and ten principles to help a person develop a positive attitude.

Coping With Change

22 minute video that uses the principles from the best-selling book, “Who Moved My Cheese” to explain the fundamental principles for adopting and embracing change.

Time Management

42 Minute video that introduces the two most effective techniques ever developed to manage time more effectively while explaining the best kept secret in the world for organizing and getting more [...]

Stress Management

44 minute video that explains what stress is and the impact stress has on the mind and body. Provides a series of suggestions on how to reduce and eliminate stress in order to become more productive.

Memory Improvement

43 minute video that explains numerous tips and techniques you can use to improve your brain’s ability to store and retrieve information faster and more effectively.

Creative Problem Solving

39 minute audio PowerPoint presentation that explains the creative solving process and presents some tools and techniques used to improve personal creativity. Sows how to use tools like [...]