The issues facing widowed and couples with annulled marriages in the Catholic Church are very different from those a never-married engaged couple faces. These challenges include: coping with the emotional scars from a previous marriage, dealing with former spouses, co-parenting step-children, and blending families. Our Catholic faith offers both a hopeful perspective and practical wisdom to address these challenges.

Love Again – Remarriage Workshop

The “Love Again: Life Skills for Remarriage Workshop” is part one of two workshops that combined complete marriage preparation. It is a one-day workshop designed to help widowed and couples with annulled marriages anticipate the challenges and provide specific tools to help work through them. Each topic will be presented from a Catholic perspective, and the couple will be led through interactive, hands-on exercises to help prepare them for their new life together.

Topics covered are:

  1. Starting out new by dealing with the past
  2. Strategies for conflict resolution
  3. Step-kids, step-parenting, and step-families
  4. Blending faith, traditions, and daily life

Registration for part one, Remarriage Preparation Workshop, costs $80.00 and includes lunch. Available dates:

NOTE: After registering for the Love Again workshop, couples will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to register for part two of marriage preparation on a separate Saturday (topic: sacramentality of marriage). Couples will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from the Archdiocese of Atlanta after attending part 2 of marriage preparation. If you are placed on a waitlist, please contact Daniel West at

Catholic Marriage Prep is offered as another great option for those seeking Remarriage in the Church. Check with you pastor about accomplishing marriage prep on-line.

  1. Accommodates busy schedules
  2. Couples work at their own pace
  3. Paired with a similar mentor couple
  4. Offers sound Life-Skills training and Catholic sacramentality of marriage.

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