Is NFP Effective?

A number of studies have shown that Natural Family Planning is 97-98 percent effective for avoiding or spacing pregnancies – the same effectiveness rate as the pill and similar contraceptives, except with no side effects, no pills or prescriptions…Just the freedom of knowing one’s body and the power to make sound decisions based on that knowledge and sacrifice. NFP gives couples the power to know their bodies and choose whether to seek pregnancy during a woman’s fertile time, or to avoid pregnancy by avoiding the fertile time. NFP is simple, safe, healthy and effective…the best kept secret in women’s health science!

Is NFP Safe?

Because NFP is 100% natural, there are no health risks. No potentially harmful drugs or devices.  The Pill and similar contraceptives can be very hazardous to a woman’s health.  It also acts as an early abortion agent in some cases because its effect on the lining of the uterus prevents implantation.

Is NFP Healthy?

Because NFP teaches you to become aware of your normal fertility pattern, changes in this pattern can alert you to medical problems. In an age of high infertility rates, more and more couples turn to Natural Family Planning to learn more about their bodies and their monthly cycles and find NFP successful in helping them achieve pregnancy.

Is NFP the Rhythm Method?

Natural Family Planning is NOT the Calendar Rhythm Method from the 1930s! Modern NFP was developed by leading OB/GYNs from around the world for over the past 80 years to create some of the best fertility information in women’s health science.

NFP is a holistic approach to family planning.  Successful use of NFP encourages a couple to communicate and cooperate together.  In the daily charting of their fertility signs, couples quickly appreciate their shared responsibility for family planning.  NFP is not a contraceptive. It does nothing to suppress or block conception. Instead, couples adjust their behavior according to their family planning intention using the naturally occurring signs and symptoms of a woman’s cycle.

How Does NFP Help Build A Marriage?

Most couples report that NFP has a positive effect on their marriages. They find that increased knowledge of each other’s bodies builds mutual respect for the dignity of the other person, for God’s creation, and the gift of fertility.  Many consider NFP marriage insurance!

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