My computer is no longer connected to the parish database and is now attached to the demo. Why does this keep happening and how do I get back to my data?

This occurs because the computer was not logged into your local network before you tried to log into ParishSOFT or your connection to the network was dropped.

When you log into ParishSOFT the program follows an assigned  “path” to the parish database.  Think of it as walking across a bridge (the network) to get to the data from your computer.  If this path is blocked  or unavailable when you attempt to log in to any module in ParishSOFT, the  program will automatically default to the local data which is the Demo.

To avoid this log into your network before attempting to log into ParishSOFT.  If you loose connectivity or have defaulted to demo you will need to navigate back to your parish data.  Please see How to reset your parish database for further information on the subject.

We have a large diverse parish and need to send our correspondence out in several languages, since we cannot track language by family what other options do I have?

Many parishes face the same problem.  One solution, until enhancements can be made on a global level, is to maintain individual workgroups for each language.

When we receive Baptismal certificates from a foreign country can I add the Parish to my list? How would I add a Non Catholic church of baptism? (Entering a non-catholic, Non-US Parish or Cemetery)

Yes, to add a non-US parish, a non catholic church of baptism or a cemetery you would:

    1. From the main menu in Family Directory select Modules
    2. From the list click on Online Catholic Directory
    3. When the Online Catholic Directory screen opens select Parish/Organization from the menu
    4. Click on Add new organization
    5. Add the Parish information to the screen and click update.

This adds the parish or organization to your favorites list.

How do I add a non-US zip code to the table? (Adding a Non-US Zip)

To add a non-US zip to the table you would take the following steps:

  1. In the Family Directory module, with a Family Record open, click on Find Postal Code (postage stamp icon) next to the address tabs.
  2. In the Filter field, use the drop down arrow to select User Defined.
  3. Enter the City, State (if applicable), Zip Code and Country information.
  4. Click on the Add User Defined button on the bottom left.
We occasionally receive a returned check due to an account being closed or NSF how do I post?

If you have just one check

  1. open posting / contributions screen
  2. locate family
  3. select view family details (locate the original entry)
  4. note the fund and date originally posted
  5. close family info
  6. select the original fund and batch date
  7. make sure that the family is still selected
  8. enter the -$ amount e.g  a returned $20.00 would be -20
  9. in the memo field put the check number and acct closed or NSF (e.g. 1234 acct closed)
  10. enter (yes it is a negative) and save.
  11. Attach a copy to the weekly report

If more than one entry multiple returned checks create a new batch called Correction the amount is $-(total amount) i.e. two checks totaling $50 would be -50. Begin at step #2

Recently we received a large contribution from a Corporation, how do I enter it in Family Directory so that I can track their giving?

You have received a large check from William Smith on behalf of the ABC Company. You will need to build a family for your corporation.  Entering the information into ParishSOFT will allow you quickly send letters and track his generous gift.

Begin by entering the:
Last Name as: ABC Company
First Name as: Contributor
Mailing Name as: Mr. William Smith, President
Address Line 1:  ABC Company
Address Line 2:  123 Main Street
City, State, Zip

I posted everything to the wrong fund. How do I correct that?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to correct this problem.  You will need to create a correction batch.  Let’s say that you posted a batch totaling $1500 to offertory which should have been posted to Building fund. You would:

  1. select the incorrect fund,
  2. Enter the date to which you posted the funds
  3. In Batch processing select New batch
  4. title the batch Correction
  5. Enter the amount  as -1500
  6. Begin by un-posting each entry previously posted incorrectly with a negative amount (e.g. a $20.00 would be -20)
  7. Enter the check number in the memo field
  8. A question box will appear indicting you are entering a negative number say YES
  9. When the declining balance is $0 you will need to repost the batch
  10. Select the correct fund and post as you would normally.
  11. The ending balance should be zero.
Last week we posted contributions to Peter’s Pence, when I run my date range contribution statements I do not see these funds. What am I doing wrong?

Remember that Peter’s Pence is a non tax deductible fund and therefore will not appear in the date range contribution statements.  To run a statement for this fund select date range contribution – deselect all funds – then select Peter’s Pence.

When entering a new member what does ActOther status represent? And when would I use ActOther?

ActOther – is used as a member status when the member of a registered family is ACTIVE IN ANOTHER RELIGION –  e.g. the Smith Family is registered, Mary is the active practicing Catholic.  John is Lutheran.  John is still part of the Smith family but not a Catholic therefore he member status is ActOther. The ActOther status is also used in combination with the Family Group of Religious Ed only to track OCIA Candidates.  Note this status effects the count of interfaith couples complied for the Archbishop’s report. 

We are in the process of cleaning up our duplicate families in the parish. I am trying to delete a family. We have moved their contributions to the correct env. #, the pledge has been moved, there is nothing there. ParishSOFT will not let me delete saying that contributions exist. Any ideas what could be left?

In our diligence to capture our “Zero Pledge” and “non contributor” information in previous years we inserted zero pledge place holders.  If you have moved all items for the current year and receive a similar message check Offertory and Pledges for all years previous (including $0 pledge).  We often forget about those zero pledge place holders!

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