The process for catechist certification in the Archdiocese of Atlanta is contained in the document Communicating the Catholic Message (2014). The requirements for Certification differ for parish catechists and Catholic school teachers, both build competency in four key dimensions: Catechist, Theology, Learner and Methods.

Communicating the Catholic Message (CCM)

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Communicating the Catholic Message, authorized by the Archbishop and the Office of Formation and Discipleship, exists to give direction to the catechetical ministry in the Archdiocese of Atlanta in assuring that the catechists are well prepared for their task.

Certification Summary

Parish Catechist Certification Path (CCM Chapter 3, 4, 5)

Levels of certification: Credit may be earned concurrently, but certificates are awarded in advancing order

  • Basic: 24 hours required (14 courses with specific content; see Chapter 4)
  • Intermediate: 42 hours required (course hours in specific content area)
  • Advanced: 48 hours required (course hours in specific content areas)

How to Achieve Parish Catechist Certification

  1. Print the Parish catechist certification log sheet:
  2. Attend courses or complete an online course
  3. Record each course completed on the log sheet
  4. Submit completed log sheet to the Parish Catechetical Leader assisting with catechist certification. Instructions for issuing and submitting catechists certificates for the Parish Catechetical Leader is found in Chapter 2 (page 18 of CCM).
  5. Additional support documents and templates for Parish Catechetical Leaders are available in chapter 5 of CCM or from the Office of Formation and Discipleship
Catholic School Teacher Catechist Certification Path (CCM Chapter 6, 7, 8)

Catholic School Teachers are required to earn 150 hours of certification credit in specific competency areas. Renewal of catechist certification requires 36 hours of credit over a three year period.

How to Achieve Catholic School Teacher Catechist Certification

  1. Print the Catholic School catechist certification log sheet
  2. Attend courses or complete an online course
  3. Record all relevant catechetical hours in the appropriate dimension until 150 hours are complete. Hours are earned for time spent as a learner and cannot be earned for planning classes and liturgies. Hours must be directly related to faith formation.
  4. Submit completed log sheet to the Catechist Certification administrator at the school
  5. The Catechist Certification Administrator at the school will review the completed application, including the log of courses, and send both documents to the Office of Catholic Schools that will award the Certificate to qualified applicants.
  6. Additional support documents and templates for school catechist certification administrator are available in chapter 8 of CCM or from the Office of Catholic Schools

Certification Resources

All resources listed below apply to Parish and Catholic School catechist certification.

Chart of Catechist Certification Resources and Programs

Echoes of Faith Basic Catechist Certification Online Program

Programa Gratis de Verano 2018
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Catechist formation courses hosted by parishes and organizations around the Archdiocese:

No current Catechist Certification Events

Master Catechists (CCM Chapter 9)

Master Catechist certification is available to those who have a degree or completed a certificate program in catechetics, theology, religious education or a related field. Applicants for Master Catechist must apply and meet all requirements.

Master Catechist Application

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The parish catechetical leader or Catholic school principal submits this form for individuals who have met requirements for Master Catechist Certification.

Sources of Master Catechist Certification

There are many certificate and degree options that will result in Master Catechist certification. Those listed below offer affordable options in a reasonable time frame.

Save the Date – Upcoming Catechist Conferences!

  • August 11th 2018, East Deanery Faith Formation Day – St. Joseph Catholic School, Athens GA – Contact Patrice Spirou –
  • August 18, 2018 – Atlanta Catechist conference, Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center –
  • September 22, 2018, NW Deanery Catechist Faith Formation Day, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Dalton – Contact Cathy Blevins –
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