Philosophy Of Religion Curriculum

The Church’s influence in education is uniquely expressed by each school. Cultural goals and the human formation of youth are pursued by each Catholic educational institution. Its proper function is to create a special atmosphere for the school community animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity; help youth grow according to the new beings they were made through Baptism as they develop their own personalities; and to order culture to the news of salvation, so that the knowledge the students gradually acquire leads them to spreading the Kingdom of God and an exemplary apostolic life in the human community.

Declaration on Christian Education: Second Vatican Council, 1965

The communal life shared within and among the members of a Catholic school flow specifically from each member’s relationship with God. This recognition places a particular filter on every movement of the evolution of the school. In the Catholic school the sacred and the secular are not exclusive of each other, but rather form a symbiotic relationship which can provide profound meaning and purpose to each persons experience and growth in wisdom, knowledge and grace.

For some, the Catholic school setting is a place of authentic evangelization. For some, it is the center of catechesis. For all, it is a place where faith and life meet. Through the magisterium of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, each Catholic school is charged with contributing to the maturation of the faith life of each student, parent, teacher, staff member, and administrator. This is accomplished through a variety of activities and represents specific opportunities for each person to contribute their gifts and talents.

Teachers, staff members, and administrators in Catholic Schools must recognize the nature of the families they serve. Contemporary cultural pressures emphasize the growth of the individual rather than the growth of the family. Wherever possible, schools should emphasize the importance of quality family life and its essential, irreplaceable effects on the development of children.

All those who serve in Catholic schools are reminded of the importance of their ministry in the church. As persons who embrace the vocation of education, they should remain cognizant of the special influence they have within the faith community.

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