When it comes to Catholic Education, the Archdiocese of Atlanta has plenty to celebrate. From the very early days of missionary Sisters coming to open and run schools in a fledgling diocese to today’s technology-driven communities of academic excellence, one thing has remained constant – a foundation in faith formation for the next generation of Catholics. Jesus is the reason for our schools.

Catholic education has a special place in my heart. I spent much of my career as an educator and administrator at Catholic Schools. I can personally speak to the powerful and transformative impact Catholic Education can have on our young people. I am grateful for the schools here and I invite you to learn more about them.

Here in the Archdiocese of Atlanta we are extremely blessed to have wonderful leaders, administrators, teachers, staff and students in our Catholic school community.

By the numbers we have:

    • 17 Archdiocesan Catholic schools – 2 High Schools and 13 Elementary Schools and 1 PreK-12 School – with a total of about 7,700 students enrolled.
    • A rigorous curriculum aligned to national standards. By any measure, our schools deliver a top-notch education.
    • 75 percent of our schools have received the coveted National Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence, placing them in the top 10 to 15 percent nationally from a performance perspective.
    • Our certified teachers and staff partner in order to develop the “Whole Child: Mind, Body, and Spirit.”
    • We also teach children about the deeper underlying challenges in society and equip them with the ability to recognize how their knowledge can impact the world around them for the good of all, but especially the most vulnerable.
    • We celebrate the cultural diversity of our Church within our school communities. This gives us the opportunity to recognize God’s image in all whom we encounter.
    • Catholic school graduates are more likely to volunteer for community services and to be active participants in their own parishes later in life.
    • Our three Archdiocesan High Schools have a 100 percent graduation rate.
    • Graduating seniors typically see approximately $60 million in scholarships – and that does not include HOPE Scholarships from the state.
    • Students from Archdiocese of Atlanta schools continue to have outstanding results on ACRE, IOWA, SAT and ACT Tests.

The Archdiocese is actively working to provide Catholic education to as many families as we can, despite the financial challenges many of them face. We do this in several ways:

    • $9.1 Million in Financial Aid is given to families requiring assistance – meeting 81 percent of the documented need.
    • Other ways we tackle financial need include the GRACE Scholars program – which allows donors to take advantage of tax credits in order to provide money for Catholic education. GRACE presents almost $3 million in scholarships to more than 750 students.
    • Additionally, approximately $600,000 is provided through Federally Funded Programs.
    • Every year, the Archbishop’s Banquet for Catholic Education awards six scholarships of $3,500 each.

We recognize that we can always do more and we actively seek ways to assist families who want a Catholic education.

Our schools recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children; working together, our school communities create a sense of family and a faith community within an atmosphere of trust, love, and partnership.

I would like to close with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Catholic education in the archdiocese. Whether you are an alumnus, a donor or an active family – your investment in our schools strengthens the whole Catholic community, so thank you.

Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.
Archdiocese of Atlanta

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