How do I contact the School Psychologist?
The School Psychologist can be contacted by phone at (404) 920-7700 or by email at

Who determines if my child needs to be evaluated?
The classroom teacher’s observations of a student’s learning progress may indicate concerns. The Student Success Team (SST) at the child’s school meets to formulate strategies that are then implemented. The SST reconvenes approximately three weeks later to evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended strategies, making changes if needed. After careful evaluation of the student’s progress in light of these strategies, a recommendation may then be made to conduct a psychoeducational evaluation. The evaluation is completed to gain information to help our teachers, parents and schools meet educational needs.

What is the procedure for testing?
Paperwork is completed by the parents and the school and then submitted to the School Psychologist. An appointment is set up for the child to be tested at the Chancery.

How can I get a copy of an evaluation report?
After the child’s evaluation, a conference is scheduled with the school personnel, parents and the psychologist. A copy of the report is given to both the parents and the school. If a parent later requires an additional copy of the evaluation report, there is a service fee of $25 (cash for each report) for this service. The office must receive at least twenty four hours’ notice for this request. The report will be ready the following day for pickup by the parent. The Catholic Center does not accept credit cards; therefore, the parent must come into the office, sign a written request, have valid photo identification and pay the $25 cash fee at this time.

We are Catholics but my child attends public school or an independent Catholic School. Can my child be evaluated by the School Psychologist at the Office of Catholic Schools?
The Office of Catholic Schools only tests children enrolled in the Atlanta Archdiocesan Catholic Schools. This service is provided free of charge to those students, as costs are covered by fees paid by those schools to the Office of Catholic Schools.

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