None of us can think we are exempt from the concerns for the poor and for social justice.” – Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium

Rooted in Scripture and Tradition, the Church’s social doctrine is a body of magisterial teachings oriented toward fulfilling our most foundational and essential call as followers of Christ: Caring for the poor and the marginalized.

CST 101

Justice & Charity

Justice and charity represent two avenues of caring for the poor. Conceptualized as the Two Feet of Love in Action, social justice and charitable works seek to address the needs of the poor on a micro and macro level.

Social justice works to remove the root causes of poverty and marginalization and to improve structures that permit injustice. Acts of social justice include advocating with your elected officials for immigration reform or foreign aid, participating in the work for racial equality or supporting environmental protection laws.

Charitable acts are those actions which work to meet the basic needs of individuals and families. This could include financial assistance with rent or utilities, food and clothing donations or participating in a home building project for a family in need.

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