The Catholic Cemetery Conference have offered all Catholic faithful a wonderful new resource.

The goal of “Promoting a Culture of Christian Burial” is to provide catechesis through a series of comprehensive videos and educational/promotional materials for use by clergy, laity, parishes, schools, Religious Education Directors, and the like.

These materials provide all serving the Church with not only what the Church teaches about its mission to care for those who have died, but also, the benefits afforded the living as they lay loved ones to rest.

All of these resources are available, free of charge, via a dedicated website.

Visitors to the website are asked to create a personalized login and password to access the resources.  However, we have placed a portion of the resources here for you to use and distribute.

We encourage you to visit the Catholic Burial Traditions Website to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

Three Sacred Moments

This video is a clear description of the three-part journey of Christian burial. It explains the importance of the Vigil, the Funeral Mass, and the Rite of Committal. The Vigil allows time for the living to tell stories about the deceased – essentially focusing on their life. The Funeral Mass focuses on the hope for the future – that our faith teaches that death has no victory – we have hope for eternal life. The Rite of Committal is the final goodbye for the loved ones and is a reminder of the importance of the reverent care of the deceased that our faith requires.

Why a Catholic Funeral #2

This is a short video that uses the testimony of loved ones to focus on the beauty and the healing powers of a funeral. It shows that the funeral is not only an opportunity for loved ones to express sorrow and love for the deceased, but also to express their faith in God, and to create a lasting memory of the deceased. It re-emphasizes that through our Catholic faith there is hope for a life after death.

Pondering Death

How do humans, and specifically Catholics, think about death? What lies behind a fear of death? Should you bring children to funerals? Interviews with priests, monks, and laity offer food for thought.

What Will Heaven Be Like?

Several people pondering the reality of Heaven help us to envision what we have to look forward to after our death. The ultimate relationship with Jesus is what we are striving for – we can look forward to knowing God intimately and fully. Heaven is a wonderful gift from God that gives us our hope for eternal happiness.

Los Sagrados Momentos

Este video es una descripción clara del viaje de tres partes del entierro cristiano. Explica la importancia de la Vigilia, la Misa Funeraria y el Rito de Compromiso. La Vigilia permite tiempo para que los vivos cuenten historias sobre los difuntos, centrándose esencialmente en su vida. La Misa Funeraria se centra en la esperanza para el futuro – que nuestra fe enseña que la muerte no tiene victoria – tenemos esperanza para la vida eterna. El Rito del Compromiso es el último adiós para los seres queridos y es un recordatorio de la importancia del cuidado reverente del difunto que nuestra fe requiere.


Considering Cremation?

A Reflection on the Reverent Internment of Cremated Human Remains

Last Updated: November 17, 2020

Coping with the Death of Your Loved One

Last Updated: November 17, 2020

Understanding Catholic Funerals

The Vigil Service - The Church Service - The Committal Service - Cremation

Last Updated: November 17, 2020

Understanding Symbols in the Catholic Funeral Mass

Many of the symbols used during the funeral liturgy reflect the sacrament of Baptism it is through Baptism that our loved one has already shared Christ's death and Resurrection.  At the Funeral Mass, we offer worship, praise and thanksgiving to God, we are strengthened by our belief in the Resurrection and find strength and consolation through our faith in God.

Last Updated: November 17, 2020

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