Experiencing and living through a parents’ divorce is traumatic. The negative effects last a lifetime often endured silently. Most people never seek healing or even recognize the many ways in which this damaging experience has affected them. Oftentimes, individuals are only aware of brokenness and loneliness, feeling unable to move forward on a path of healing.

Atlanta currently has a Life-Giving Wounds chapter. Life-Giving Wounds’ mission is to help young adults and adults with divorced and separated parents give voice to their pain and find deep spiritual healing. They do this as a Catholic, peer-led ministry by providing unique means for Christ to transform their life-draining wounds into life-giving resources of faith, hope, love, and joy for themselves, their relationships, and the Church. They also seek to help them make and sustain a life-long gift of love in either the vocation of marriage or consecrated life.

They accomplish this work of spiritual healing through establishing peer-led diocesan, college campus, and parish retreat ministries and support groups through local, Life-Giving Wounds chapters. They also provide online ministry and outreach (FB + IG), print resources and online resources for healing, and presentations, leader trainings, and consultations. They also seek to connect adult children of divorce and separation to married mentor couples, psychological counseling, and spiritual direction.

Yearly Retreat

Retreats are held once a year in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

The next retreat will be:

Date: March 1-3, 2024
Location: St. Brendan the Navigator
Cost: $100
Registration Here

Visit the Life-Giving Wounds website for more information and resources.

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