The Need

The sixty-nine county area that comprises the Archdiocese of Atlanta continues to experience significant population growth.  This growth creates a challenge for parish and school leadership as they work to meet the needs of their expanding congregations and student bodies.

The Large Capital Project Process was created to streamline the Archdioceses’ parish and school building delivery goals and address key challenges faced in the areas of maintenance, renovation, and expansion of Archdiocesan facilities.

The Purpose

  • Standardize the process for all parishes and schools
  • Establish clear communication between parishes/schools and the Archbishop, his Project Review Committee, and the Archdiocesan Finance Council
  • Provide professional program management service to parishes and schools through Catholic Construction Services, Inc.
  • Protect parish assets by establishing minimum insurance, bonding, and contracting requirements

The Process

Large Capital Project Process

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Last Updated: February 6, 2023

Master Planning Process Overview

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Last Updated: April 30, 2018

The Requirements

Both parish and school large capital improvement plans must be reviewed by the Archdiocese to assure compatibility with the overall Archdiocesan plan and the plans of other parishes or schools in the immediate vicinity.  Moreover, there is a preliminary financial review to determine if a given project is financially feasible for the parish or school.

In general, written permission from the Archbishop is needed prior to committing the parish or school to the expenditure of funds for any of the following:

  • Building new parish or school facilities
  • Remodeling parish or school facilities
  • Major repairs to your building or grounds
  • Replacement of mechanical equipment
  • Replacement of roofs or parking lots

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